Lice Bully

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Natural lice removal service, Camarillo, CA

If your child comes home with an itchy scalp and white specks in his or her hair, don’t panic. Turn to Lice Bully in Camarillo, California for safe and confidential treatment that thoroughly removes head lice and nits.

How We Eliminate Stubborn Lice Infestations

Our treatment process consists of three steps and takes approximately one to two hours to perform at our clinic. We will treat your child and other affected family members with pesticide-free products made from nature-derived ingredients. To ensure your privacy, we treat only one family at a time. 

Head lice treatment and prevention

We stand behind the efficacy of our treatment. We guarantee that your family will leave our clinic lice-free.

Pricing ranges from $25 - $119

Do-It-Yourself Natural Treatment Options

  • Treatment Oil

  • Nit-Removal Mousse

  • Prevention Spray